• The New InspectorPro 6.x

    Optimized for FileMaker 12/13/14/15/16 with advanced diagnostics, deeper analysis, and in-depth visualization. InspectorPro 6.x brings you: Performance Introducing PDoS — Perform DDR on Server — enabling InspectorPro to work faster than ever, harnessing the power of FileMaker Server to process your solution’s DDR from FileMaker Pro Advanced. Insight. InspectorPro gives you the deepest insight into your FileMaker solutions. Quickly detect problems and warnings, identify dormant code, inspect layout styles, compare differences between solutions, identify all references and dependencies for any element, and visualize your database scripts and security. Collaboration. Take advantage of the FileMaker platform to work more closely with...

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  • InspectorPro

    This is Vince here, creator of InspectorPro. I wanted to say "Thank You" -- for doing a little shopping at the Beezwax Store, and for taking a look at InspectorPro. For me, it's now been 15+ years that I've been building tools to analyze FileMaker databases. One thing I'm proudest of that the Inspector product line itself has always been based on FileMaker Pro. We use a native plug-in to offload the intense task of parsing the DDR, as well as Javascript to create the data visualizations, but at its core InspectorPro is built around FileMaker. We worked really hard to make InspectorPro into the...

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